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AAA Natural Stone is a Florence limestone mining that produces high quality building materials specified by architects, engineers, contractors and masons.

Our quarry has been open for 35 years and was formerly know as Simpson Stone Company.  Simpson Stone Company was a local supplier to Greater Texas Market.  When AAA took ownership we expanded the product line and became a national presents catering luxury markets all of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

We have 11 harvest able ledges of Florence limestone and our broad color pallet is sourced from 7 quarries offering 54 selections of  veneer and paving products.  Our veneer covers every end of the color and texture spectrum.

Our customer in the West Coast market have grown to value the presents of our local stone specialist.  Based out of our warehouse located in Southern California, we manage our sample shop, distribution center, and sale office. Our job is to not only support our local dealer network but also to educate the architectural community on the versatility of our stone products.  We educate by one on one and group PK's, and AIA credit CEU Lunch and Learns.


AAA History


600 million years ago during the Paleozoic era the northwest half of Texas was on the floor of the ancient ocean and the Gulf of Mexico was a mountain range.

The Permian Period ran from 299 million to 252 million years ago ended with a great cataclysm. In the sea and on land, most species then alive were wiped out forever. It was, by far, the most catastrophic extinction on record.

Plate tectonic activity shifted and caused the whole area that is now Texas to rise much higher and the Gulf of Mexico began to sink. The sea now came in from the southeast instead of the northwest, and the shoreline oscillated back and forth so that the area was sometimes covered by shallow seas, but at other times it was dry land.

During times when the seas receded, the limestone platform was exposed to the air and elements, so erosion took place. Extensive erosion occurred just prior to the transgression of the Georgetown Sea across the platform during the middle Cretaceous period 65 million years ago.

The Cretaceous limestone deposits found in the Edward Plateau offers some of the world’s most exquisite limestones.


Download the presentation "Texas Through Time" in PDF and PowerPoint format.

Texas Through Time  Texas Through Time

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the company is to inspire and implement the wide use of thin veneer limestone and sandstone products in residential and commercial markets.

We achieve this through product knowledge accompanied by outstanding customer service with a sense of individual pride and company spirit.